Noteable Bookmarks

Sites, People, Places and Things we have bookmarked recently

Find a Wedding Photographer – Finding the right wedding photographer can be hard work. This site makes that task easier.

White Petal Wedding – A wedding photographer promoting networking to help clients and photographers find each other. Wedding Planning website – eveything you need for planning your big day.

Earcandy –  prides itself on being the best source for all types of musical and live entertainment. if you’re planning an outdoor event, these guys are rather acurate with what they do. – Discovered this yummy fudge while at Carfest this year. The Isles of Scilly Handmade Fudge Shop. It’s just awesome fudge … and they deliver. – a fantastic event as part of the Tunbridge Wells Festival, produced by Stars Foundation for Cerebral Palsy. – a useful web based FTP site for when you’re on the road with no FTP client. – a lovely and talented Make Up Artist from Manchester – a free and open-source code editor for HTML and more. – free software to put social media links on your website – free FTP software for Mac and Windows – printer, publisher & host of grapeVine networking around Sevenoaks – Directory of local services in Sevenoaks – a brilliant place doing wonderful things giving pets a second chance – a fantastic wedding photographer – an amazing Make Up Artist and Hairstylist – a theatre company that does The Bard like no other – a PR company that focus on the Arts A useful guide to photo work pricing – how to do things with iWeb – what this web site was built with – more iWeb tools and utilities – A lovely blog by Sarah Grant – Always a thought provoking read – fab business cards – for when you’ve gone overboard with cake – a nifty little tax calculator – what you might get paid part time – The camera I use – what I do most of my editing in – what I do my editing on